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Explore a comprehensive list and detailed information of administrative subdivisions with Postal code (PLZ) 2001 situated in Neuchatel Canton, Switzerland.

Discover detailed information for each administrative subdivisions with postal code 2001, situated in Neuchatel Canton (Kanton) of Switzerland. Presented in tables, find essential details such as Municipality, district, canton, country, and current time at each location. Additionally, a location map offers a visual representation of the Postal code 2001's area.

List of administrative subdivisions in postal code 2001

1Neuchâtel 1

Neuchâtel 1 Postal code Details

Postal code (PLZ)2001
Town (Ortschaft)Neuchâtel 1
Municipality (Gemeinde)Neuchâtel
District (Bezirk)Neuchatel
Canton (Kanton)Neuchatel (NE)
Country CodesCH / CHE
Time now

2001 Postal Code Location

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