Global Postal Codes

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Postal codes, also known as ZIP codes, postcode, or PIN codes, play a crucial role in the efficient sorting and delivery of mail within a country's postal system. These codes are alphanumeric or numeric identifiers assigned to specific geographic areas, facilitating the accurate and timely delivery of mail.

List of Postal codes by country

Country ISO codes Postal Code Format Alternate Names
Andorra Postal CodesAndorra AD / AND AD100 Codi Postal
Argentina Postal CodesArgentina AR / ARG B1234AAA Códigos Postales
Austria Postal CodesAustria AT / AUT 1234 Postleitzahlen
Australia PostcodesAustralia AU / AUS 1234 Postcode
Åland Islands Postal codesÅland Islands AX / ALA 12345 Postal Code
Azerbaijan Postal codesAzerbaijan AZ / AZE AZ 1234 Postal Code
Bangladesh Postal codesBangladesh BD / BGD 12345 Postal Code
Belgium Postal codesBelgium BE / BEL 1234 Postal Code
Bulgaria Postal codesBulgaria BG / BGR 1234 Postal Code
Bermuda Postal ZonesBermuda BM / BMU AB 12 Postal Zone
CEP Codes brazilBrazil BR / BRA 12345-000 Código de Endereçamento Postal (CEP)
Belarus Postal ZonesBelarus BY / BLR 123456 Postal codes
Canada Postal CodesCanada CA / CAN A1A Postal Code
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland CH / CHE 1234 PLZ / NPA
India PIN CodesIndia IN / IND 123456 PIN Code
Puerto Rico ZIP CodesPuerto Rico PR / PRI 00123 ZIP Code
United States ZIP CodesUnited States US / USA 12345 / 01234 ZIP Code
U.S. Virgin Islands ZIP CodesU.S. Virgin Islands VI / VIR 00123 ZIP Code

Interactive Map

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Common Terms for Postal Codes:

  • United States: ZIP Code (Zone Improvement Plan Code)
  • United Kingdom: Postcode
  • Canada: Postal Code
  • Australia: Postcode
  • Germany: Postleitzahl (PLZ)
  • France: Code Postal
  • Japan: Postal Code (〒)
  • India: PIN Code (Postal Index Number)
  • Brazil: CEP (Código de Endereçamento Postal)
  • China: 邮 (Yuzhng Biānmǎ)
  • South Africa: Postal Code
  • Ireland: Eircode
  • Italy: CAP (codice di avviamento postale)
  • Switzerland: NPA (numéro postal d'acheminement OR numero postale di avviamento)


  • United States: ZIP Codes are five-digit codes, and an extended version with nine digits (ZIP+4) is often used for more precise location information.
  • United Kingdom: Postcodes in the UK can include both letters and numbers, creating a detailed geographic hierarchy.
  • Japan: The Postal Code in Japan is commonly represented with a symbol "" before the code.

These codes vary in format and length across countries, reflecting the diversity of global postal systems. Understanding and correctly using postal codes is essential for businesses, individuals, and postal services to ensure the accurate and timely delivery of mail and packages. Always refer to the official postal service of each country for the most up-to-date information.